Ark Dedicated Server Trial



  • Free Trial

    Want to know what you are buying before they pay, with our 8 hour free trial you can find exactly what you're getting.

  • Automatic Ark and Mod Updates

    Choose between the server automatically updating at a specific time, or when your server is empty. On top of that, any time you start the server we will make sure your server is up to date.

  • All Maps Supported

    Choose between all available maps, that includes The Island, The Center, Ragnarok and Aberration! On top of that you can install modded maps and play those!

  • All Mods Supported

    Using our hand built control panel you can choose whatever mods you want with a simple click, when you start your server all the mods you've chosen will be installed and updated.

  • Full FTP

    Full FTP support so you can personally download your data.

  • SSD Drives

    All our servers come standard with SSD drives, so your updates happen as fast as possible.

  • Simple Configuration Editor

    Our control panel is very straight-forward. With descriptions of all the settings so you know what you're changing.

  • Instant Setup

    In most cases your server is installed before you even finish the registration process!

  • Automatic Mod Installation

    Just click the button and it will all be handled for you, no editing ini files and troubleshooting why it isn't working.

  • Expert Support

    We know the ins and outs of how Ark works, and how to professionally host your server, contact us and we'll work with you to solve your issues and answer any questions you have.

Dedicated Games Servers We Offer

  • Ark: Survival Evolved epic battle

    Ark: Survival Evolved Servers

  • More games coming soon

    More Games Coming Soon