Privacy Policy

What personal data is Aardvark Game Servers collecting and storing

We collect certain information about your device, including information about your web browser, IP address, time zone, and some of the cookies that are installed on your device. We also collect statistics about how you interact with our websites and websites or search terms referred you to the Site.

None of your billing information is stored on our services, your information is directly handled by our payment processor (Stripe), the only information regarding billing we store is a unique identifier to your information on our payment provider, and information regarding your subscription(s). We do store subscription information in order to keep track of subscription pricing and upcoming invoice dates.

In regards to personally identifiable information, we collect your email address, and user name.

How this personal data is collected and stored

Your personal information is collected when you register for an account with our website. It is stored in our database behind password protected authentication.

How this personal data is being used and, if applicable, shared with third parties

Your personal information is being used to authenticate your credentials when you sign in to our website, as well as for us to contact you or look up your information in regards to changes to your account such as billing, or service chages.

How users can limit what data is collected/stored, withdrawal consent to have any data collected/stored, and have the collected and stored data deleted.

All of the information stored is required to enable you to use our service, you may contact: privacy (ATSYMBOL) aardvarkgameservers (DOT) com via email to withdraw consent and have your data deleted.

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